If anyone wants to advance order tyres for you to collect from the Open Evening on the 4th March please let me know by 9am on Monday 27th March. Glenn Paterson from DMACK will be with the DMACK tyre lorry at the Border Counties. Please note that the tyres this year will be supplied and fitted by Mr Tyre.


For 2017 there are many changes and improvements for our competitors with the first being our title sponsor. We welcome Mick Harris of C2RALLYPARTS.CO.UK , Mick has been developing C2 rally parts over the past five years and has built more C2's than anyone I know so first class advice is always available. Mick also owns MH Motorsport who hires out and runs several R5's etc in the British Rally Championship.


This year our control tyre is supplied by DMACK who will be providing our competitors with a substantial cost saving to last year's tyre prices with a tyre created especially to suit small front wheel drive cars with increased puncture resistance. DMACK will also be providing two free tyres per event which will be used for very welcome prizes to the second C2 home.


Once again we will be giving out five free entries, one to the winning C2 on each event.


We are grateful for the six events we use who offer our competitors a saving of £50 per entry fee on each event saving them £300 for the season.


This year we are expecting about 10-12 cars to be out with several new faces joining last year's competitors. Elvin Smith from Dalgety Bay steps up from the Ecosse J1000 Challenge in a new car built by Graeme Mack. Charles 'Chuck' Blair from Dumfries also returns in his newly built C2 after a year off after swapping his old 205 for a C2.


We have also drastically reduced our competitors registration fees allowing them to get some of the most competitive rallying at bargain prices.


As in past years the Ecosse Challenge is not about winning the SRC, it is a fun one make low cost championship where our competitors compete with each other in a controlled family environment. 


We will be holding a get together on Saturday 4th March from 6pm. Location near the Kincardine Bridge and you will be able to collect your stickers and get to know other competitors. We are hoping to have DMACK tyres available to those who wish to pre-order them to save you time at the Border Counties.


2017 MSA APPROVAL NOW RECEIVED  AND OUR 2017 REGS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE LINKS However due to the average number of entries, and the MSA's Rally Panel’s concern regarding the limited availability of the Citroen C2, a yellow card is issued. This means that if there are less than 10 cars registered at the closing date for the first round the Challenge may not be allowed to run.

For 2017 we will be reducing the cost of registration from £200 down to £50 for Drivers and for Co-drivers the registration will be reduced to £25.

We will also be opening up the car class so that VTR & GT models can take part, this should also help on the cost of donor parts as there will be more availability.

We are intending on having 5 from 6 events scoring with the Border Counties, Speyside, Grampian, Dunoon, Scottish & Galloway Hills.

£50 discount on all events.

2017 Event dates, get your B&B booked now!

18th March: Border Counties Rally, Jedburgh

22nd April: Speyside Stages Rally, Elgin

20th May: Scottish Rally, Dumfries

24th June: Argyll Stages Rally, Dunoon

12th August: Grampian Stages Rally, Aberdeenshire

9th September: Galloway Hills Rally, Castle Douglas


2016 C2 Ecosse Challenge Awards



1st Driver: David Martin. + Barlow Quaich+ Safety Devices + £300 FROM C2MOTORSPORTPARTS.COM

2nd Driver: Ross Hughes + £200 FROM C2MOTORSPORTPARTS.COM

3rd Driver: Gina Walker + £100 FROM C2MOTORSPORTPARTS.COM

4th Driver: Alex Pirie

5th Driver: Andy Struthers



1st Co-Driver: Kirsten Dallas + Pemberton Shield

2nd Co-Driver: Alisdair McIlroy


Junior Drivers

1st: Gina Walker + RSAC Salver

2nd: Andy Struthers


As the C2 Ecosse Challenge rounds off its second year with the Citroen C2 what we lost in numbers was made up by quality of entries.  A fantastic evening was had at Aitken-Walker Car Sales with a great turnout and plenty of chat about what was happening next season.


Experienced Astra driver David Martin from Belford swapped his Astra for a C2 and was amazed by how little it cost him to do the season in the C2 compared to his previous Astra. David took 1st Overall Driver, the Barlow Quaich and won the Safety Devices trophy for Spirit of the Championship. David also received £300 in vouchers from the challenge sponsors


Lanark's Ross Hughes took second overall on only his first season in the sport so it looks very good for him in the future. Ross took his time and played himself in for the long steady game. Ross also received £200 in vouchers from the challenge sponsors Ross's Co-Driver Kirsten Dallas  from Banchory took 1st Co-Driver winning the Pemberton Shield.


Our  lady driver Gina Walker took third overall in a car hired from co-ordinator Andrew Pemberton for her first season. Gina from Duns has experienced the highs and lows of rallying during the season and her times got quicker through the season.  Gina also won the RSAC Salver for being 1st Junior Driver. Gina was awarded the RSAC Scholarship for 2016 and found it very important in allowing her to complete the season with its help. Gina's mum Louise Aitken-Walker was on hand to provide advice from her past WRC experiences. Gina also received £100 in vouchers from the challenge sponsors


Keith's Alex Pirie had a mixed season but after a bad roll on the Speyside and the pressure of work meant he missed a few rounds and ended up in fourth place. Alex has since purchased his hire car from Andrew Pemberton and intends to have a serious go in 2017.


RSAC Scholarship driver Andy Struthers from Libberton suffered a bad roll on the opening round the Border Counties and a series of mechanical faults slowed his times through the season until the final round the Galloway Hills which he won.


As the season draws to a close and I sit looking at all the trophies and past winners it is amazing to see that almost half of the younger drivers in the top 10 of the SRC started out in the Ecosse Challenge, onwards and upwards. Look at what next year holds at: and you could also be a winner.


2017 RSAC Motorsport Scholarship  

Please see our links page to download forms and regulations.

New Talent Scholarship RSAC Motorsport, the promoters of the Ecosse Challenge are pleased to

announce the continuation of their scholarship scheme for 2017.

If you are; under 23 years old; in your first or second year of stage rallying; and competing in the Ecosse Challenge. Then the RSAC Motorsport New Talent Scholarship is for you!

This is your chance to get:

£100 for each round of the 2017 Ecosse Challenge entered

Free entry to the 2017 RSAC Scottish Rally and media stage

And the possibility of the same support again in 2018!

Why not join a long list of previous Scholars and enter this fantastic award. This is for another driver to join our current driver and RSAC Scholar Gina Walker to benefit from the Scholarship.


2016 is over all bar the prize giving which this year will be held in Duns courtesy of Aitken-Walker Car Sales on Tuesday 22nd November at 7.30pm, all are welcome to attend. Several important announcements will also be made about 2017


2017. We have receceived our Notice of Intent form back from the MSA so next year won't be far round the corner. We dont expect any changes to our Regulations and we intend to use six SRC rounds once again. The cost of registering will be reduced to £100 which should allow you to pay for the new tracking devices that the MSA require to be fitted to all cars next year.



Leuchars event on 22.10 We have been asked if we would like to join the Juniors at a new event at Leuchars on the 22nd October. this is one of the events we are considering making one of our rounds next year so it would be a good chance to see what the event is like, entries will be available soon and I will put the link up when I get it.


Regs are now out for the Grampian Stages, looks a nice compact route starting at Crathes Castle. I wonder what the regular vistors will make of 100 rally cars. Kirsten is no longer based at Crathes as she is now working on St Kilda.


Customer Survey. Thanks to all who completed the survey and confirmed that we were on the right track for next season. If you have not completed the survey and wish to do so please drop me an email.


New C2 Builds are under way and we look forward to Elfin and Chuck being out on the Galloway Hills. Interest has been strong following the articles in the Scottish Rally programme and the new Scottish Motorsports Magazine, Bob is keen for us to have a regular page so let me know what you are up to so you (and your sponsors) can see your name in lights.


If you would like any EC jackets for the rest of your team please let me know. They cost £28 and I can bring them up with me.


Stephens report and the Points tables after the Scottish Rally are now up.



Bulletin 1 (Tyres) is now up on the link page.


Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally

Final instructions will soon be up at: Remember you need to register for the Challenge to get the discounted entry fee. It is looking like we will have five C2's out, all in the modified class. This is due to build problems and things taking longer than expected. Our new pull-ups are ready and the jackets should be here in time for you to get at signing on. The EC van is almost ready and just needs stocking before its trip to Jedburgh. Stickers and paperwork have been sent out to all registered drivers and we look forward to seeing you all at signing on.



Following our recent AGM we wish to inform all prospective competitors this year of some great news.


After testing by several drivers we will be using Dunlop tyres as our control tyre this year, it gave better grip and stability to the Hankooks and Andrew Wood has arranged sponsorship to allow you to use Dunlops for a similar price to the Hankooks.


If we get TEN cars registered by the Border Counties we will double the intended five free event entry fees to TEN FREE EVENT ENTRY FEES, so get your registration in ASAP.


Wayne Bale from joins us again this year and we are very grateful for his sponsorship of £1000 given in vouchers.


Registration forms are now up on our links page and if you register before the 4th Feb or at the GoRally evening you will enter a draw to win a 1:14 R/C Lamborgini Aventador. Stephen & I will be there and Andy Struthers will also have his car on display on our stand so come along and say hello.


All registered competitors (Driver & Co-Driver) will receive a Ecosse Challenge Jacket free of charge.


All the events we use have confirmed that you will get £50 off your entry fee.


The Ecosse Challenge Support Van is currently in build at the moment (complete with Richards snooker table) and will be attending all the events. This will allow Stephen the comfort of doing interviews and points tables etc. in comfort.


2016 RSAC Motorsport Scholarship  

Please see our links page to download forms and regulations.

New Talent Scholarship RSAC Motorsport, the promoters of the Ecosse Challenge are pleased to

announce the continuation of their scholarship scheme for 2016.

If you are; under 23 years old; in your first or second year of stage rallying; and competing in the Ecosse Challenge. Then the RSAC Motorsport New Talent Scholarship is for you!

This is your chance to get:

£100 for each round of the 2016 Ecosse Challenge entered

Free entry to the 2016 RSAC Scottish Rally and media stage

And the possibility of the same support again in 2017!

Why not join a long list of previous Scholars and enter this fantastic award. This is for another driver to join our current driver and RSAC Scholar Andy Struthers to benefit from the Scholarship.





Wishing all Ecosse Challenge crews past and present all the best this Christmas. Plans are going well for 2016 and we hope to see you all out again next year. Thanks to Wayne at, everyone on the Organising Committee, RSAC Motorsport and Andrew Wood Motorsport for the Hankook tyre sponsorship. If you are building a C2 and want to know how to avoid build problems please ask us


2016 NEWS

All six rounds have confirmed that they will offer £50 off the entry fee for our registered drivers which is great news.

Next years events will be:

19.3 Brick & Steel Border Counties

23.4 Speyside Stages

5.6 Jim Clark Reivers

25.6 RSAC MS Scottish Rally

13.8 Coltel Grampian Stages

10.9 Galloway Hills

This years Regulations are currently being finalised and will be up as soon as we get the green light from the MSA. If you need to know anything please ask.


28th November 2015 3.00 pm

Glasgow Marriott Hotel

500 Argyle Street, G3 8RR Glasgow

The Brick & Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge will join with the 205/C2 Ecosse Challenge

for the presentation of awards to 2015 winners. The exact location will be advised before

the event.

There are no charges for this event which is prior to the SRC Prize giving.

The Final Points table is now up under points, Congratulations to award winners: Jordan Black, Harry Marchbank, Andy Struthers, Simon Hay, Donald Peacock, Callum Jaffray & Amanda Burney



For 2016 the Ecosse Challenge intend to drop the 205 class and continue with the Citroen C2 class which will be split into two classes being Rally First and Class Four as in the current SRC Regulations, Cars must also comply with EC regulations. With the 205 now being eligible for Historic competition the Organising Committee feel that this is now a suitable time to do so. The cost of building a more modern C2 car is currently less than a 205 and we feel we now have the C2 sorted and competitive. Built C2 cars are about and we are able to give guidance on building them. Once again there will be a considerable prize fund for both C2 classes. (Subject to MSA approval). The 205s have done us all proud over the past 13 years but we must move forward as youngsters moving up from the J1000 do not wish to use something so old.



As you are aware this is our reserve event so you do not have a discount voucher so we have decided that all drivers who start the event will receive a cheque for £50 from the Challenge after the event.

Regs are now out for our final round and Richard has asked for all trophies to be returned to him so they can be engraved for our prizegiving on the 28th November. Same format as last year, late afternoon prior to the SRC awards in the evening.



Regulations are now available for this years McRae and the format looks very interesting, I am sure it will be fun.


2016 EVENTS.

Please let us your Competitor Rep. know which events you would like to use in 2016



A lot of interest is coming in after the Speyside with another couple of people looking to build cars for 2016. At the Junior Rally at Knockhill Graeme used my C2 which featured updates to allow it to run in the SRC class 4, the updates transformed the car and Alex Pirie should have fun in it on the McRae. A couple of current J1000 drivers have also expressed an interest in using a C2 next year.



As the Merrick is not running this year our nominated reserve event is the Galloway Hills as per our Regulations.


2015 is go!

The Ecosse Challenge finally gets underway on the Border Counties Rally on Saturday 21st March. The rally takes in a number of classic stages not used for rallying this century! As usual the Ecosse Challenge field team of Richard Welsh and Stephen Smellie will be at signing-on, service and the finish looking after registered competitors and keeping an eye on the proceedings.



Saturday’s Border Counties Rally marks the start of a new era for the Ecosse Challenge with the debut of the latest vehicle to grace the series the Citroen C2. Organisers of the challenge have picked a car with a proven rally record and have devised a specification which controls key components keeping costs down but which also ensure that the car is competitive in its class. And with the involvement of title sponsor, competitors are ensured of a supply of quality competition parts at reasonable cost.

Development of the specification has taken place over the past year in the hands of Jordan Black who has taken part in a number of forest and tarmac rallies honing the specification to ensure competitive performance and more importantly reliability. Based on Jordan’s outings last year interest in the championship has been very strong and a number of leading competitiors have now committed to building cars.

For the opening round 2 C2s will take the start line. Leading the field is Jordan Black with WRC co-pilot Stuart Loudon on the notes. Jordan, a stalwart of the Ecosse 205 challenge is relishing the prospect of a return to competition following his 2014 year of development work. However Jordan has had a troubled few weeks leading up to the event with major gearbox and diff troubles and is hoping everything is resolved in time for start of the Borders event.

Joining  Jordan in the C2 competition is Andy Struthers from Lanark. Andy is a graduate form the Junior 1000 series having completed three years of competition in that series using a Nissan Micra and has just been announced as winner of the 2015 RSAC Scholarship. Andy is in the process of building his own car but for the first couple of rounds will use the car owned and built by series co-ordinator Andrew Pemberton. This car is built to a lower specification allowing it compete in the Scottish Rally Championship Class 1 for Rally First specification cars as well as the Ecosse Challenge.

Later in the year we will see cars appear from some notable drivers so we can look forward to larger C2 field in the latter part of the season.



Now in their 13th year, interest in the 205s continues to be healthy despite the fact that the cars are getting close to being eligible for historic rallying. As usual the 205 field is a mixture of exsiting 205 competitors returning for a new year of competition and newcomers to the challenge. Some of the competitors have already started their season on round 1 of the Scotttish rally Championship, the Snowman rally.

Donald Peacock (Castle Douglas) returns for a crack at the full championship after a couple of seasons tackling the southern cup. Sitting beside Donald is is his son Scott who has competed as a driver in the 205s for the last few years.

Simon Hay and Calum Jaffray also return from a successful 2014 season where they finished 4th 205 and have got off to a great start in 2015 with a great result on the Snowman rally finishing second in Class 3.

Steven Bellshaw is another returnee who also competed on the Snowman but a good result was lost after an off on the last stage. Steven has been joined by new co-driver this year Alasdair McIlroy and for the Border Counties has a new car having purchased Blair Brown’s 2013 car.

Andy Chalmers and Martin Maccabe are also back for a crack at the 205 title,and had a good run on the Snowman which unfortunately was spoiled by road penalties.

Thaarique Fazal continues his quest to hit rally stardom and returns in a new car purchased after his previous was destroyed in an accident on the Speyside stages last year. For the Border Counties Amanda Burney occupies the navigator’s seat.

These guys are joined by 2 newcomers both of whom have strong family rally connections.

David Hunter from the borders joins the 205s in 2015 with big brother Scott navigating – Scott is a former competitor on the 205 Ecosse Challenge both as a driver and navigator. A further twist to the tale comes with the car thay are using – Scott used the same car when he drove in the championship several years ago albeit that it has seen competition in the hands of 2 other owners in the meantime.

Douglas Cameron from Old Kilpatrick also joins the 205s in 2015 after several years navigating in a Mk2 Escort on Scottish Rally Championship



Bulletins 1, 1A & Information sheet 1 are now up on our links page. Hard copies wil be at signing on. 



A great evening was had by all and thanks to all who attended this great get-together. Thanks to Wayne Bale for coming up and giving us information on and how they can help you in building your own C2. I feel it was time well spent as now most of you will know the face at the end of the phone. Through Waynes generous support of the Challenge you will all benefit. Thanks also to Graeme Mack for letting him use his garage and for letting you know what is involved in building a car. Garry Headridge of RSAC Motorsport presented newcomer and junior driver Andy Struthers with the RSAC Scholarship. Jordan Black won the free entry to the Border Counties so lets see who wins the free entry to the Granite. Looks like a great season is on the cards.



There will be an open night at Main Street Motors, Valleyfield near the Kincardine Bridge KY12 8TL on Saturday 7th March from 6-8pm where competitors can see the ins and out of building a C2. You can compare my Rally First C2 to Jordans car to decide on your own specification. Registration and the collection of stickers plus a chance to meet the Organising Committee. Wayne Bale of C2 MotorsportParts will also be along to meet you. Garry Headridge will be there to announce the winner of the RSAC Scholarship and don't forget the FREE entry for the Border Counties Rally will be drawn from registered competitors so get your registration in now! Why not come along and find out what is happening. We look forward to seeing you there. 205 competitors are also most welcome to come along and see what is happening.



We are proud to have received sponsorship from Wayne Bale of is a newly formed reseller of quality Citroen C2 parts and accessories for the C2 enthusiast whether for motorsport or fast road/street use. The business has been formed following my personal experience when trying to build my current C2 Stage Rally car (not a Challenge Spec), and realizing that if Citroen Sport (C2R2) parts were not affordable or appropriate, there are very few places where you can buy specialist parts whether for motorsport or fast road/street use. These include race engine mounts, gearbox conversion kits, pedal boxes, rose joined strengthened parts, etc, etc all specific to the C2. C2MotorsportParts have partnered up with what is believed to be some of the industry leaders in motorsport and specialist parts supply to deliver these products ‘off the shelf’. Wayne is offering 2nd C2 a £100 voucher and 3rd C2 a £50 voucher to be spent with his company. (This is on top of the Challenge giving 1st C2 a free entry to the following round).



Regs are now out for the Border Counties and they will use stages most of you will have never been in before, I may have to come back out and compete :)



Forms are on the back two pages of the regulations for you to register for this years challenge. Registrations received from: Martin Maccabe, Douglas Cameron, David Hunter, Jordan Black, Tom Hynd & Roy MacLennan



Please see the link on the LINKS page for our 2015 Partners, use them to get discounts on things that you need.



Regulations are now up on our HOME page




The Ecosse Challenge for Peugeot 205 GTi's as in the past with Hankook control tyres.

For a registration fee of £200 per driver you will receive six of £50 event discount vouchers to reduce your entry fee on the six events which make up the Challenge.

2015 Events are: Border Counties, Granite City, Scottish, Speyside, Merrick & Colin McRae stages.

Driver & Co-driver training is available as required.

There is on-event support and advice.

Competitive and close competition and loads of fun.

Cars are available from £2-5K



This new class follows the 205 formula and concept.

For a registration fee of £200 per driver you will receive six of £50 event discount vouchers to reduce your entry fee on the six events which make up the Challenge.

2015 Events are: Border Counties, Granite City, Scottish, Speyside, Merrick & Colin McRae stages.

Driver & Co-driver training is available as required.

There is on-event support and advice.

Competitive and close competition and loads of fun.

Cars are available from £3-5K

There are FIVE FREE ENTRIES to be won. The winner on round one wins a free entry to round two etc. Sign up before the 1.3.15 and enter a draw for the first round, the Border Counties.

Junior Class for C2 Drivers

Teenager Class for C2 competitors

Autumn Cup over the last three rounds where the top three after the first three rounds are excluded from entering. Ideal for newcomers.



1. RSAC Motorsport Limited will organise the RSAC Motorsport New Talent Scholarship in conjunction with the 2015 Ecosse Challenge

2. The scholarship is open to drivers registered for the Ecosse Challenge who are under 23 years of age as at 21st March 2015 (the first round of the 2015 Challenge) and in their first or second year as a driver in stage rallying

3. It is primarily designed for new  Junior Drivers who are either moving up from the Junior 1000 or are starting out in the Ecosse Challenge

4. The winners will each receive £100 for each round of the 2015 Ecosse Challenge championship started. Payment will be made on receipt of an appropriate press release (see regulation 13). Payment will be made direct to the scholar’s bank account within 10 business days of the press release being received.

5. The winners will also receive free entry's to the 2015 RSAC Scottish Rally including the Media stage and Management Pack.

6. As part of attending the Media stage, the winners will be given the opportunity to be interviewed by members of the press present

7. The scholarship is for two years. Continuing into the second year is subject to satisfactory completion of the requirements set out for the scholar in year one and final agreement by the Board of RSAC Motorsport Limited

8. Completed applications must be received by the Scholarship Administrator by Saturday 21st February 2015

9. Finalists will be invited to an interview early March 2015 date and venue to be confirmed.

10.The winners will be announced following a selection panel interview that day.

11.The winners agree to make themselves, and their car, available for press purposes as reasonably requested by RSAC Motorsport. These will include attending at least two publicity events being held in conjunction with the 2015 RSAC Scottish Rally.

12.Scholarship stickers must be displayed on the winners car as required by RSAC Motorsport.

13.Press releases, expected to be at least 200 words, must be provided to the Scholarship Administrator within three working days of the event.

14.If requested, the Ecosse Challenge Press Officer will arrange for the press release to be circulated. If the winner issues the press releases themselves, they must provide a list of the recipients to the Scholarship Administrator.

15.RSAC Motorsport will display the press releases on the RSAC Scottish Rally & RSAC Motorsport websites.

16.The scholars will feature in an article in the 2015 Scottish Rally Programme.

17.The final decision on any award rests with RSAC Motorsport Limited

18.Further details are available from the Scholarship Administrator: Garry Headridge, 79 Sheriffs Park, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7SR. Telephone 07780 602480 Email:

2014 Scholar: Blair Brown

2013 Scholars: Blair Brown & Callum Atkinson

2012 Winners: Callum Atkinson & Jordan Black

This is available for under 23's who are entering the Challenge and features a free entry to the Scottish and £100 start money for the other five rounds for up to two years. Publicity and coverage on the RSAC website etc. Scholarship is available for C2 or 205 classes.



Prior to the SRC Prizegiving we shall have our own Ecosse Challenge Prizegiving at 3pm sharp at the Glasgow Marriot Hotel on Saturday 6th December. You do not have to go the SRC prizegiving to join our free ceremony and everyone is welcome to attend. Congratulations to all who have competed this year and we trust that you have enjoyed yourselves. Prizes will be given to Grant Inglis, Robert Gray, David McLoughlin, Adrian Stewart, Thaarique Fazal, Craig Service, Richard Simmonds, Blair Brown, Mark Roberts, Chuck Blair & Jordan Black. If you are not attanding please nominate someone to collect your award for you. We look forward to seeing you on the 6th.



Congratulations to the following prize winners in the SRC:

F2 Driver goes to Duncan Campbell

Morrison Trailers Award goes to Chuck Blair

Class 3 Drivers

1st Chuck Blair

2nd Blair Brown

3rd Scott Peacock

Class 3 Co-drivers

1st Mark Roberts

2nd Richard Simmonds

3rd Calum Jaffray

Once again the 205 class dominates class 3, what more can we say ;)


2015 Challenge

We will use the same six rounds as in 2014 being the Border Counties, Granite, Scottish, Speyside, Merrick & McRae Stages. The six events will give you £50 discount vouchers for each event. The Drivers registration fee of  £200 continues as does the Co-Drivers fee of £50.


205 Class

There will be no change to this class in 2015 and I expect it to continue into the future.


Civic Class

Unfortunately we cannot get MSA approval to run a class with less than three cars so unfortunately unless we have a guarantee from prospective competitors that they will compete this class will unfortunately be dropped.


C2 Class

As you are aware Jordan Black has been doing development work on this car throughout the season and we are confident that this car will now be suitable for us to run a class in 2015. Car's will be 125bhp C2's and can either use a Peugeot BE3 gearbox with a ATB diff or a Citroen ME gearbox with a Gripper diff. Avo have just released a coil over set for the rear which has improved the handling further and will be tested on Mull shortly. We have discounts with Gripper & Avo and if you require any more information please let me know or ask Jordan. Jordan has produced a build list and including a C2 car at £1000 he completed the car for under £7000.

Jordan and Stephen are currently working on draft regulations for this class.


C2 Trial

We intend having two trials (one in the north and the other in the south) where potential customers can compare performance between the C2 and the 205


Media Officer

Richard is doing his best but we are actively seeking a Media Officer to join us. If you know of a suitable candidate please let me know.


Social Media

Thanks to Chuck Blair for offering to assist us in this area and we will releasing a new Facebook page including the C2 later this year.



We have a couple of interested parties for 2015, I think the fact that we are going to a much newer car is helping the interest we are getting so fingers crossed.



Once again we will be holding our Prize giving on the afternoon of the SRC Prizegiving on Saturday 6th December at the Glasgow Marriot Hotel.


2015 Get together

In the past we used to have a get together at Knockhill prior to the Border Counties. Our current thoughts are to have a get together at the Aberdeen Rally School at Coneyhatch in Stonehaven, maybe for a rally timed trial.



As from Monday 14th July 2014, their new address will be:

Safety Devices International Ltd

Cambridge House

Holborn Avenue



IP28 7AN

All their contact numbers and email addresses will remain the same.



It is now time to choose your competitor rep for the rest of this year, Pete Weall has confirmed that he is willing to stand again so unless anyone else wishes to volunteer within the next 14 days Pete will be appointed.



Following our last Organising Committee meeting we decided to fill in the vacancies left by DIGB and Jim Aitken as they moved over to the Juniors fulltime by adding Jordan Black to the team. We are grateful for his input and Jordan will play a major part in the future of the Ecosse Challenge.



I was speaking to our contact Chris Rhodes recently and he was saying he has not had a lot of contact with our competitors this year. He wishes to remind you that you need to contact him to get discounts off the web price. I have good experience with Demon Tweeks past and present and they gave Jordan great deals for his requirements to build the C2



I am happy to train anyone who wants to enter the challenge as co-driver and I have a training document if you just want to catch up. If any drivers need any tuition please let me know and it will be arranged.



Competitors can get their own EC clothing with their own name on as Richard and Stephen model above, jackets £40, shirts £20, sweat shirts £16. Next delivery for the Jim Clark, let me know what you require.



With eight of the drivers and co-drivers coming from the region, there will be plenty of competition to see who comes out on top in this, the second round of the 2014 Ecosse Challenge. Adrian Stewart and Tom Hynd combined speed with consistency to take second place in the Peugeot 205 class on the Border Counties Rally while David and Michael McLoughlin finished fourth in what was only their third ever rally. Sue Hynd will be looking to outdo husband Tom as she co-drives for Scott Peacock. Simon Hay and Calum Jaffray will be hoping to get their season back on track after going off on Round 1, as will Andy Chalmers who, with Martin Maccabe on the notes, struggled with mechanical problems. The winners of Round 1, Chuck Blair and Mark Roberts will again be trying hard to set the pace after swapping fastest times with RSAC Scholarship winner Blair Brown and Richard Simmonds who took third last time out.

In the Honda Civic class, Round 1 victory went to Duncan Campbell and Gavin Chisholm but they had been expecting a tougher battle this time as Grant Inglis and Robert Gray fought back after the transmission problems which sidelined them on the Border Counties however no entry has been received by Grant so far.

Jordan Black and Alan Todd will be giving their newly-built Citroen C2 its first outing as they campaign what could be a replacement or rival for the 205 in the future.

Starting the Civics off is Duncan Campbell at 54 with no entry from Grant Inglis Ross MacDonald at 59 could score some valuable points.

Chuck Blair heads the 205 field behind Ross at 60, Adrian Stewart follows at 65,  Blair Brown at 69 (my old lucky number), Scott Peacock at 72 followed by Simon Hay at 83,  David McLoughlin at 94 and Stephen Bellshaw at 96. Bringing up the rear Andrew Chalmers at 106 followed by Thaarique Fazal at 110. I will not be up for this round but Richard and Stephen will look after the arrangements. I hope you all have a good and safe run.



D&G Council are looking for two cars, one for the Loreburn Centre, the other to go in the Ice Bowl for the week prior to the Scottish. You get first chance so be quick before I pass it on to other local crews. Thanks to Chuck for volunteering his 205, now one place left.



Almost a full house out on the Border Counties with just Ally Galbraith missing. Nine 205's and two Civics at the moment but changing every day.



Pleae see document under links for the 2014 Control tyre and prices.


SNOWMAN NEWS from Stephen Smellie

The finishers

Duncan Campbell/Gavin Chisholm 25th o/a & 2nd in class. KEIR Beaton/Stuart Loudon 29th o/a 6th in class. Ross MacDonald/Matthew Johnstone broken drive shaft SS 1 but finished 63rd O/A. Scott Peacock/Sue Hynd 43rd O/A 2nd in class. Simon Hay/Calum Jaffray 49th O/A 3rd in class. Blair Brown/Richard Simmonds 70th O/A Drive shaft broken then puncture


The Non Finishers

Grant Inglis/Robert Gray - trouble staying on road then gearbox failure. Adrian Stewart/Tom Hynd - clutch but also believe went wrong route at SS 2/3 split. Andrew Chalmers/Greg Inglis - he drove it into service then spent the rest of the time avoiding the scrutineers as they tried to get his logbook!

Chuck Blair/Mark Roberts & Steven Bellshaw/Sandy Urquhart went wrong at the split


McRae Stages Rally on BBC Alba

Ciamar a tha sibh? ... That’s Gaelic for ‘Hullawrerranhowzitgaun?’ and just to get all of you in the mood.

BBC Alba has its very own version of ‘Top Gear’ (the three cheuchters?) and this Thursday evening at 10 pm, will show a wee report they filmed on last year’s Colin McRae Forest Stages.

Some of the interviews are in English – and some urrnae - so tune into to ‘Air an Rathad’ this Thursday 27th Feb. at 10 pm on BBC ALBA.

More details at:



Regulations are now up on the links page. If you are under 23 and in your first or second year of stage rallying and competing in the 2014 Ecosse Challenge why not enter. There is a free entry to the Scottish rally and £100 towards the other five rounds for two years if you are succesful. Why not join Blair Brown now Callum Atkinson has left the fold.



Once again we will be using Hankook control tyres which will be available at the Challenge discounted price for registered competitors from Andrew Wood Motorsport at the Snowman Rally



Entries are now being taken for our first round the Brick and Steel Border Counties Rally

Please visit the website - for regulations and to enter online



Up to date registrations are shown on the POINTS page, remember to get your registrations in before the Border Counties  so you get your discount vouchers.



The founder of Safety Devices, Brian Wilkinson 77, died last week.  Brian had started the Company in September 1972 at Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, on return from his native New Zealand.

Under his stewardship, the Company became synonymous with roll cages, designing for all major Works teams in the UK, subsequently for Land Rover and the British and New Zealand Armies.

In summer 2013 Brian led the Company’s celebrations of 40 years at Kings College Cambridge and later at the Goodwood festival of speed.

“Brian stayed in contact with the team at Safety Devices and was justly proud of the business he had created.  He will be missed by all”



Callum Atkinson won the 205 Ecosse Challenge Driver, 205EC Junior Driver & SRC Junior Driver, so a hat trick for him in 2013. The 205 may be an old car but it is still a capable winner. Callum said:

“I love the awesome crack and close competition that the 205EC brings. It is well organised and has unreal sportsmanship . One day I hope to join in the successes of other previous 205EC drivers John MacCrone and Euan Thorburn to name but a few!”


Teenage class winner Blair Brown explains why he competed in the 205EC:

“I chose to compete in the 205 Ecosse Challenge in 2013 as it would be my first year in forest stage rallying after the confines of tarmac events in the Junior 1000 series. The Challenge provided me with the perfect step up into the woods. It also give me the great opportunity of becoming more involved with my fellow competitors and officials who have helped me so much over the past year as the Challenge has a very strong family feel to it. The Peugeot 205 is a basic, yet competitive and easy to drive, car which has allowed me to become the better driver I am today.”


Civic winner Grant Inglis also loves the close competition and hopes that the numbers will continue to grow in 2014:

“The Ecosse Challenge provides a level playing field and therefore true competition between competing crews. With the addition of reduced entry fees  and subsidised tyres it enables you to compete within the Ecosse Challenge and Scottish Rally Championship for less money - two championships for less money than one!”


Blair’s thoughts on the RSAC Scholarship:

“The RSAC Scholarship is not just another source of income to add to my rally fund: it helped me in so many more important ways that I feel are invaluable. First of all I can’t thank enough everyone involved at RSAC Motorsport for their support, especially Hayley Parr the press officer of the RSAC Scottish Rally. With Hayley’s help the quality of my press releases has soared and I am now averaging two papers after every event and numerous web pages. To be named an RSAC Scholar has also brought other benefits: I have secured a major sponsorship deal which I believe I may not have received without it. RSAC Motorsport is a wonderful car club which I hope to have a long involvement with, as we continue working together into the future.”

Callum also received the RSAC Scholarship for the second year and feels he has benefited from the help and advice this has brought to him. He is delighted that RSAC Motorsport can see the benefits of getting new blood into rallying by supporting new drivers in the 205EC. As Callum has now had the Scholarship for two years it will move on to another new driver in 2014. Why not apply?  It could be you!